Thursday, August 15, 2013

Memory Wire Bracelet

When I was younger I worked a lot with memory wire. Its an inexpensive and quick way to make a stacked bracelet but as I got more experienced and had access to more beads and componants I just sort of stopped using it. But I've always had a supply of it sitting there waiting to be used. And today seemed like a good day to get back to it.

I recently received a pack of beads and charms from The Spellbound Bead Co after Bead Magazine published a picture of my jewellery in their 'Indian Summer' Readers Challenge. The beads are beautiful and it has taken me a while to decide what to use them for (I had too many ideas really). But this bracelet seemed like the perfect use of them. Click here to see my post about the Indian Summer Challenge.

One of the things I love about memory wire is that if you don't like how the beads are looking or sitting you can very easily just take the beads off the wire and bead them on again. I did this about 4 or 5 times while putting this bracelet together. Sometimes the beads just sit wrong on top of each other. There's no waste or major time delays with memory wire. Its exactly why I liked using it years ago that I had forgotten about. I can see myself using it again a lot over the next while.

So I have used a bit of each of the beads sent to me and one of each of the charms. The only thing I have used in this bracelet out of my stash of beads and bits is the memory wire and the pewter daisy spacers. I love the colour combination here and the charms suit the colours and give the bracelet a lovely theme. Its a simple bracelet but I'm loving it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Designer Challenge in Beads & Beyond Magazine

Beads & Beyond magazine (that I love and get every month!) was asking a while back for applications to take part in a Designer Challenge that they run in every issue. This is normally only open to their regular designers so when I saw that they where opening it to readers I jumped at the chance and applied. I was asked why I wanted to take part and had to submit a few pictures of my work and a few weeks later I received an email telling me that I was successful.

I was sent a package containing different types of beads from Jilly Beads which is a great bead shop based in Morecambe in the UK. They have a huge range of products at great prices and they picked some lovely things to send me for the challenge. I love the beads that I was sent. There was such a variety of different types of beads in the package.

I had to make three different pieces and write up the instructions. I love the pieces I made and cant wait to wear them.

Today I went and picked up my copy of Septembers issue of Beads & Beyond Magazine and I was so happy when I saw he pieces photographed so well. (I'm not a great photographer so its lovely to see my pieces photographed so well). The other three designers Claire Holbrook, Sue Rennie and Claire Wolfe's pieces are stunning and show just how different four people can work with the same package of beads.

So don't forget to pick up Septembers issue of Beads & Beyond Magazine (my pieces are page 66) and see the challenge pieces for yourself.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

20,000 Hits Thank You

So my blog has had 20,000 hits already in only 8 months. I've had plenty of feedback from everyone and lovely comments along the way. Hopefully you will all continue to like what I post and follow me along as the blog grows.