Friday, July 11, 2014

Tagua Beads Jewellery

I have spent some time trying to decide what I wanted to make with the beautiful Tagua Beads I won from Ecuadorian Hands recently and today I finally decided on a few pieces. These beads are so beautiful and have such an amazing story that I didn't want to overwhelm any piece I made. I wanted them to be the sole focus of the pieces. Jewellery is so often a conversation starter and I know that these will definitely be the focus of a conversation. Here is a reminder of the beautiful beads I was sent. 

The first piece I made was a bracelet. I wanted something summery and beachy to show the mood of the lovely weather we have been having so I came up with this bracelet. It is simple and focuses solely on the beads. I used cotton cord to string them and as per my style I layered the multi-strands that have great movement and never stay in any particular spot. 

The second piece I made was a pair of earrings. When the beads first arrived my sisters loved the combination of the green and pink so I went with their choice and made a long dangley earring again solely focusing on the beads. The colours are so strong and bright I felt I didn't need to add anything here at all. I love the visible grain on the beads, its so pretty. 

And finally the third piece I made was a necklace. (I wanted to finish out a set) I made the chain using antique copper coloured jump rings and I made a pendant in a cluster type style. I hadn't used the round tagua beads yet so I wanted to get them in somewhere and this seemed perfect. I surrounded the tagua beads with white glass pearls again not wanted to loose the beautiful tagua beads in the piece. I think this one has become my favourite of the three pieces. 

I love these beads and cant wait to make more pieces using them which I'm sure you will see very soon. I just could't wait to share these pieces. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beaded Loom Band Bracelet: How to

This is my tutorial showing you how to add beads into a Loom Bands bracelet.

What You Need:

  • Loom Bands (50-60)
  • Colourful Wooden Beads (with a big enough hole to pass a band through)
  • An S clip
  • A Loom
  • A Loom Hook

Pass a loom band through each of the beads keeping the bead in the middle of the band.

Start by adding your first band to the loom making sure you twist it in the middle. 

Add the second band straight onto the loom above the twisted band.

Add the third band straight onto the loom.

Using the loom hook bring the bottom band over the loom pegs and into the middle.

Add another band straight onto the loom.

Continue the bracelet along for a few more bands before you start to add the beads.

Add the first beaded band onto the loom just the same as you would any other band.

Continue along with just a plain few bands after the bead. (I use three bands between beads it gives just enough space).

Keep going until you have reached the length you need. Finish the bracelet by adding an S clip to the end. Enjoy wearing your new bracelet. 

Click here to see the video version of this tutorial.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Tagua Beads

I entered my necklace that I made for the Bead Soup Blog Party a while ago into a contest to win $20 of Tagua Beads from Ecuadorian Hands. And thank you to everyone who helped and voted for me because my necklace won. Today I received a lovely package of beautiful Tagua Beads.

So I thought I would tell you a little about them. They are known as the exotic ivory and are made from the Tagua plant. They look and feel like Ivory but give you a guiltless option for making beautiful jewellery. The beads are carved and dyed in so many beautiful colours and shapes. Click here to view pictures showing the manufacturing process.

I can't wait to get making some pieces of jewellery with these great beads. I think they may become a staple in my stash so I best start deciding which ones to order first (there are so many to choose from I want them all). 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Loom Bands Tutorial: Fishtail Bracelet

I have had a go at making a few bracelets today using the loom and loom bands and I'm kind of hooked now. My favorite bracelet so far has been the fishtail bracelet so I have put together a tutorial to show you how to make one. Out of the few colour combinations I tried out today I love the black and white one so that's the one I'm going to show you. 

What You Need:

A Loom
A Loom Hook
About 60 Loom Bands (in two colours)
An S Hook

Take the first loom band in your first colour and loop it like shown in the photo making sure to twist the band.

Now add a band in your second colour. this should be put straight onto the loom and now crossed in the middle.

Add another loop of the first colour straight onto the loom.

Using the loom hook, take the bottom band from the left side over the loom pin and into the middle.

Now to the same with the bottom loop on the right hand side.

Add another band of the second colour straight onto the loom.

And continue the pattern along adding a new band each time.

After a while the pattern will begin to emerge. Keep going until you reach the length you need.

To finish the Bracelet remove it from the loom and remove the 2 unused bands.

Add an S hook linking either end together and your bracelet is now ready to wear.

     I have also put together a video tutorial that you can watch by clicking here

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Latest Trend: Loom Bands

If you haven't heard of loom bands I don't know how. They are absulutly everywhere at the moment and mostly made by very young children. Its amazing to watch them pick up the skill and make the bracelets so quickly. I hadn't gotten the bug to try them just yet. Until today. 

I picked up the latest issue of Making Jewellery Magazine and free with the issue was a pack of loom bands. Having watched my little cousin (who's 6) master this skill I figured its time I give it a go. 

So I also picked up a loom set and a packet of black and white coloured bands to have a good go at trying to master these bracelets. I have been teaching my little cousin jewellery skills for the last year or so and she may end up having to teach me how to use the loom. 

Hopefully in the next few days I will have a few photos to show you what I have made. Have you tried the loom bands? 

I will leave you with a picture of the bands made my by little cousin. Hopefully I will have something resembling these when I'm done. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Labradorite and Irish Linen Cord Earring Tutorial

I put up a tutorial on how to make my Labradorite and Irish Linen Cord earrings a while ago (that you can see here) but I decided to make a little video tutorial as well. I love these earrings they are just so simple and pretty. I hope you enjoy making them and wearing them.