Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas (A Tad Bit Late)

I'm a little late saying Merry Christmas because I forgot to schedule a post and have been so busy. I hope you all had a great few days with lots of lovely presents and food and people. We had a great family filled few days and things are slowly returning to normal. So what was your best present? Or your worst?

Also just before Christmas I entered my Swarovski Heart Earrings into the Swarovski Create Your Style contest on facebook and they are up for a public vote so please click here to have a look and see all the entries. I love these earring so I really wanted to show them off a little and thought it would be nice to enter a Swarovski Contest because I haven't ever entered one with them. And its great to see other peoples work with the other available components. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New EU Vat Regulations

As of January 1st there are new rules coming into effect if you sell digital or downloadable items online within the EU. I don't do this but know a lot of people who sell their patterns or tutorials or even ebooks so this is really important. I have only just heard of this this week so there's a strong chance a lot of you haven't heard about it as well. 

I have seen quiet a few people worrying about all the new regulations and how they will affect their business and time constraints. Hopefully you may find a few answers in this FAQ I found online. It seems to have the most (legal jargon free) info I've found so far. If you have other links or info to add please leave it in the comments section below. 

Hoping the New Year isn't too complicated for all of you who trade in digital products. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Some New Tagua Beads

You may remember I had entered a contest back in August to win some Tagua Beads and I won them. Today the arrived so I can't wait to get working with them again. Click here to read my post all about Tagua beads and see how they are made. 

I entered the contest with a pair of earrings I had made using Tagua beads. You can see the tutorial I posted on how to make these earrings here

So here are the beads that arrived today. I was struck by the red Christmas feel to them. I have a few ideas of what I want to make using these beads so hopefully I will have a few pictures to share in the next few days. 

Click here to visit the Ecuadorian Hands website and see the range of Tagua beads that they have. And keep an eye out for their contests and your chance to win a great pack of lovely beads.