Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barrel Polisher

When I was first learning how to make jewellery, the workshop I was in had a barrel polisher. So it was on my wishlist when I started putting my own workshop together. I love the results of the polisher and the fact that it can work away and do its thing without any interference from me. 

So last Friday I noticed Cookson Gold had a #FreebieFriday on twitter. To enter I got to pick out a tool up to the value of £80 and send a tweet. That's it. So of course the barrel polisher was my choice. I have entered a few times before so thought little of it until Monday when I received a message to say I had won. I was so happy which only got better when on Tuesday afternoon when it was at my door. I can't believe how quick it has arrived. Now I have to pick up some of the of the shot so that I can get to polishing so hopefully I will have some very soon. 

Thank you to Cookson Gold I'm so happy with my prize and you have helped me move my workshop along another little bit. You can find the barrel polisher here


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  2. Congratulations! How exciting, especially given unexpected surprise mentioned in your later post :)


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