Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Simple Crystal Drop Necklace Tutorial

I have made a few of these over the past few years for different occasions from weddings to everyday wear. They are simple but make a statement as the crystals have such a great shine and come in so many colours you could have one to match everything.

These are very simple to make and need very little materials. They are also a great gift for someone.

What You Need:

1: Slide the largest crystal onto the headpin.

2: Make a simple loop in the headpin (see my tutorial here on making a simple loop)

3: Slide the Middle sized crystal onto the wire.

4: Now make simple loop on either side of the crystal and do the same with the smallest crystal.

5: Using the flat pliers open the loop on the headpin and attach the loop on one side of the middle sized crystal and close the loop. Now open the free loop on the middle crystal and attach the smallest crystal and close the loop. You now have your pendant.

Find the centre of your chain and attach the smallest crystal by opening the loop and linking it into the centre link of the chain. Close the loop.

Enjoy your new necklace!

I love to hear if you have tried my tutorials and how you got on so let me know in the comments below. If there is something I have not explained correctly let me know!

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  1. This is a simple and effective design. I especially like the graduated crystals. Thank you for sharing!


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