Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh Look What I Got

I entered into a giveaway run by Toltec Jewels a while back and was told I had won one of the beautiful pieces made by Blu Mudd. I wasn't sure what piece I was getting so it was a lovely surprise to open the pack and see this beautiful piece of work. I haven't done anything with it just yet because it is so nice I need to think of a special piece to incorporate it into.

Thank you to Toltec Jewels and Blu Mudd for this amazing piece of art. Below the picture you will find all of the links you need to contact both Blu Mudd and Toltec Jewels.

Toltec Jewels: Etsy shop, Blog, Facebook
Blu Mudd: Online Shop

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  1. What a wonderful surprise... I agree, it's best to save her for the right project!


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