Thursday, August 15, 2013

Memory Wire Bracelet

When I was younger I worked a lot with memory wire. Its an inexpensive and quick way to make a stacked bracelet but as I got more experienced and had access to more beads and componants I just sort of stopped using it. But I've always had a supply of it sitting there waiting to be used. And today seemed like a good day to get back to it.

I recently received a pack of beads and charms from The Spellbound Bead Co after Bead Magazine published a picture of my jewellery in their 'Indian Summer' Readers Challenge. The beads are beautiful and it has taken me a while to decide what to use them for (I had too many ideas really). But this bracelet seemed like the perfect use of them. Click here to see my post about the Indian Summer Challenge.

One of the things I love about memory wire is that if you don't like how the beads are looking or sitting you can very easily just take the beads off the wire and bead them on again. I did this about 4 or 5 times while putting this bracelet together. Sometimes the beads just sit wrong on top of each other. There's no waste or major time delays with memory wire. Its exactly why I liked using it years ago that I had forgotten about. I can see myself using it again a lot over the next while.

So I have used a bit of each of the beads sent to me and one of each of the charms. The only thing I have used in this bracelet out of my stash of beads and bits is the memory wire and the pewter daisy spacers. I love the colour combination here and the charms suit the colours and give the bracelet a lovely theme. Its a simple bracelet but I'm loving it.


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