Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Pendants and Some Fun

Yesterday I spent a few hours in the workshop making up a few new pendants. I had one final (for now) jigsaw puzzle pattern to try out as well as a new heart and star. I of course went with my hammered finish but for the heart I didn't think it would suit so I gave it a nice high shine polish instead. I'm glad I did. I think it suits the piece much better.

Later on I spent some time with my two little cousins making bracelets. They really need no help with this at all now. I cut the elastic and tie the knot thats all they want me to do. They both love to lay out the beads and play around with the order the want to put them in before stringing them which is fantastic to see them at 5 and 6 doing.

I think I will be stocking up their bead box for their birthdays next week. The box they have has suddenly gotten very empty and I'm afraid they will start "shopping" in my bead stash.


  1. Love that you are being an "enabler" to a new generation. :-)

  2. Great idea to encourage the new generation in artistic endeavour!

  3. I think I have created little monsters now. I may regret my actions when the bead box needs restocking because they now have their own favourite types of beads and want to go to the bead shop to choose their own more often haha


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