Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Little Bit of Shopping

I went into town today and did a little bit of shopping. I wasn't particularly looking for anything so I just picked up little bits and a few magazines! I got the new issues of Making Jewellery Magazine and Bead Design Studio. I'm looking forward to try a few of the new tutorials in the magazines.

I also picked up some 100% cotton crochet wool for making a few bracelets. I loved the neutral colours and could imagine a bracelet set as soon as I saw them so thats something I think I will be working on over the coming bank holiday weekend!

I bought some metal tubes in different sizes and colours for the same bracelets and also more fold over style cord ends because as you have seen I tend to use a lot of these in my bracelets! I love getting mystery scoops and today's was various sizes of glass round beads in different colours with a few random shaped beads thrown in! You never know what your going to get and you never know what your going to use them in but they always get used! 

I also picked up some oval silver metal shapes, a few multi-strand clasps and some chain that has the links wrapped in cotton thread. Again I have no use for this right now but its going in the box and I'm sure it wot be there for very long!

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