Sunday, May 19, 2013


I bought a kumihimo braiding disc and plate a little while ago and just hadn't had the time to try it out until this weekend. It is a technique that I had wanted to try for ages and knew as soon as I did I would love it. I've been working on a lot of friendship and cord bracelets lately so this is just the next step.

I have only tried using the disc so far and made a simple bracelet just to see how I would get on. Its a great repetitive pattern so after no time at all I was trying to decide how to finish it off. When I ordered the disc and plate I forgot to order some kumihimo cord ends. So instead I used the fold over cord ends that I have been using in all of my friendship bracelets.

Im not entirely happy with the ending of the bracelet but I was more just trying to get the hang of making the braid which I did so all in all I think its been a success.

Hopefully I will have a whole heap of these hanging on my arms over the summer in all different colours and patterns. I think its become another of my favourite techniques!

I decided I wanted to wear it with my diamond patterned friendship bracelet so I have attached the two bracelets onto the same toggle clasp. I prefer to attach bracelets like this onto one clasp. I just don't like having a whole heap of clasps on my arm so I try keep it as minimal as possible.


  1. Very nice!! this is one of the techniques I absolutely need to try!

  2. I had been saying that for ages so happy Ive finally gotten around to it Im hooked now haha

  3. So cool! I just love to learn new techniques and this is one I haven't had time for yet. Looks like you got the hang of it quite quickly.

    1. I did it does seem a lot harder than it actually is and there are great videos on you tube to help you learn!

  4. I too have had the tools hanging around for *cough* several years; gotta get this one going!!


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