Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jewellery For A Ball

My sister is currently competing to be the Dublin Rose (and hopefully the Rose of Tralee later this summer) and last night they had a ball for all of the perspective Dublin Roses. So My sister, her boyfriend and my other two sisters all got dressed up and went to the Ball! This of course meant that jewellery was needed to go with the dresses that they had bought, so thats where I come in. I gave my opinion on what they should have and they gave theirs and after a quick trip to buy supplies I had a few hours to get everything ready on Friday afternoon for the Ball on Saturday Night.

The first piece I made was a necklace. We wanted to keep the jewellery simple but sparkly! So I used three 8mm pave set crystal beads on a dainty silver chain. With the beautiful weather we are having at the moment it sparkled just lovely but most importantly was not the main focus!

I also made a matching set of earrings to go with this necklace using the same chain and beads. The main aim here was to have a bit of sparkle and not overshadow the dress or anything else. There is a time and place for statement jewellery but this was not it!

So one sister done now onto the next. Again we where going for simple but sparkly so I used 15 Swarovski Crystals simply strung with a dainty silver chain to finish. The crystals are mirrored on one side so pick up colour and shine beautifully!

So to the final piece - THE RING! I can honestly say I don't think I will be doing one of these again for a while. I used mainly 4mm Swarovski Bicones (in crystal Ab with a few light blue) and about six 6mm Swarovski Bicones. I just wasn't too happy with the final result. It didn't look full enough in the end but my sister was really happy with it so thats all that matters really. I would have liked to add a few more Bicones but I had run out at this stage. It is growing on me the more I see it! So maybe I will make a few more and get a bit better at it. After all this is my first ever beady ring!

So that was two out of the three sisters covered. My other sister's dress was fancy and included its own necklace of sorts so I didn't have to make anything else. There are a few more events coming up in this round of the competition so I'm sure I will be working away making more over the coming weeks.

Off to the Ball

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