Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Tutorial Page is Back

You may have noticed my tutorial page went missing a while ago. I took it down because it was a mess of links and pictures all over the place and had decided to give it an overhaul. But I hadn't really had time to sit and do the whole thing start to finish and it needed a lot of work! But I have been slowly doing it and tonight I finally got it to a state where I can put it back on the blog.

The page now has a picture of each of my tutorials with a link below to take you to the tutorial. This is what I had planned on doing when I first published the page but I guess I was doing the tutorials quicker than I could sort out the links and pictures. If you had seen it before you knew the links had gotten a bit lost on the page.  But now its all done and I will be adding to it again soon so keep an eye on the page as it grows. Feel free to share it if there's something there you think someone you know may be interested in.

So click HERE and see the new page. I hope you like it.

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