Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sea Glass & Slate

I have seen a lot of jewellery around on the internet lately made using sea glass. Mostly the glass is wire wrapped with a crystal or pearl added onto the wire somewhere and I had decided this would be my next project.

Only problem is I went t the beach today and searched in the freezing cold and it seems people are recycling their bottles now ad its not washing up on beaches. I found a few very small pieces and Im going to work on them tomorrow but I remember when you would walk on the beach and find glass in different colours and sizes everywhere but it seems this is going to be project done over time as I can't guarantee when or where I will find the glass.

I have however found some lovely pieces of slate today and will be trying the same technique as I had planned for the glass until I can find some more and finally do the piece I had in mind.

Hopefully in the coming days I will upload some pictures of the slate and small pieces of sea glass and hopefully you will like them.

Let me know in the comments below have you ever used slate or sea glass in a piece before? Or like me are you having a hard time finding sea glass along the beach?


  1. Hi Siobhan...I found your blog through Natascha...I hear you about the sea glass! It is available, though, at lots of should be able to find one in the UK quite easily. I'm also trying the slate, which I find on the shores of Lake Huron; we'll have to compare notes!

    1. Hi Lori! I have managed to find a few pieces but I'm refusing to buy any at them moment I'm hoping with the recent storms there will be loads more on the beaches soon there was always loads when I was a kid guess people recycle a lot more now haha but I will check out where to buy some if I don't get any more soon thank you! I've followed your blog just now cant wait to see more of your work!


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