Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Square Knot Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to do square knots for making macreme bracelets. They are quite simple to do and very repetitive so once you do the knot a few times its easy to do again and again.

I've used 3 different colours in the tutorial just to show where each thread ends up. For the outside pieces of thread you will need about a metre of each and for the middle thread about 11 inches will do.

I have not added beads in this tutorial to this bracelet but adding beads will shorten the length of thread needed but I tend to keep to the same length starting off rather than run out of thread near the end.

I'm using 1mm waxed cotton cord here but you can use a variety of cords and threads in different finishes and colours. It just depends on what look you are going for.

1: Start with your three pieces of thread. 

2: Tie a knot leaving about 2 inchs of thread tailing, you will be putting your sliding knot closure here. This knot will be removed later its just to help slide the knots tightly together when your starting out.

3: Bring the Left thread over the Middle thread, and the Right thread over the Left.

4: Now bring the Right thread under the Middle and out through the loop made by the Right thread. (Be sure to keep the this thread over the Right thread like shown.)

5: Now pull both Right and Left threads tight up to the knot.

6: Your still working from the right so bring the Right thread under the Middle this time and the Left thread under the Right.

7: Now bring the Left thread over the Middle thread and through the loop and out under the right thread.

8: Now pull the Right and Left threads tight up to the the first knot. This is one set. 

9: Continue doing the same stacking up the knots to make the pattern. Occasionally push the knots you've done up to thighten up the pattern and pull the Middle thread down so that it doesn't gatter inside the knots.

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