Monday, November 18, 2013

More Workshop Bits Arrived

Im almost there. I ordered a few more bits last week from Cookson Gold for the workshop including a borax cone and dish, polishing compounds and polishing sticks and a new bench peg. I ordered a smaller one last time and a bigger one this time. I plan to use the bigger to start off but Im sure the smaller one will be used at some point on the bench. So now I can do some basic work in the workshop and start practicing again. Its been a while so I know I will need a bit of practice.

Hopefully my next post will be pictures of the workshop. I have it almost there and just have to finish up the bench a bit and get some good photos.


  1. I am new to soldering and didn't know about a borax cone. Just googled it. Learned something new today.

    1. Thats great its nice to know my posts actually help haha. Soldering is great fun the possibilities are endless goodluck


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