Monday, November 11, 2013

New Tools

I said in my last post how I was getting back to working at the bench with my tools and metal. Well Im closer to my goal. I ordered some new tools and sheet metal from Cookson Gold and it arrived exactly 24 hours after I places my order. Im not very used to things arriving so quickly so Im really happy.

I spent a long time training with some fantastic jewellers a few years back who thought me a lot and its always been the goal to get back to working this way and keeping the beaded work as a hobby as it has always been. (Not that working at the bench is like work either really haha.) I have spent a lot of time building a workshop and gathering tools when money allowed and I have just about what I need to get going. Im starting basic and realising how many tools I had access to in the workshops I trained in. Hopefully one day as I go along I can build up my tools and have some fancy equiptment. But for now what I have will just have to do.

I ordered a new mallet and saw (I now have a few different types) along with saw blades, Beeswax, A hand drill and drill bits, and the best part: Aluminium, Copper and Brass Sheet. As its been a while I wan to practice again on a cheaper metal than silver but I also like aluminium. Its light weight and a good price so I think I will be sticking with it for a while.

Cant wait to place my next order with Cooksons. I need to get some polishing materials next.

There is nothing like getting new tools

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