Friday, November 22, 2013

The Workshop


So my workshop is almost there and actually looks like a workshop now. I have some tools and a bench and loads of storage (thats in a huge mess and still needs organising so theres no photos of that side of the workshop just yet) so its nearly there. I can start working away at bits and pieces now because I have the things I need to cut, drill, solder and polish. My tools are basic and all hand powered but they are better than no tools at all. I do hope to get a proper torch and drill at some point when I have a bit more money but for no this will all do and at least I can say my electricity consumption wont be more than my work lamp.

This workshop has been put together using things from the house we no longer needed and building the shelves and bench (well my dad built my shelves and bench with a small bit of help from me) from scratch rather than buying so bar the few tools I have bought recently everything in handmade and recycled. I have an old blind for one window, left over flooring from the house and Ikea boxes to store everything in. Pretty basic but really what else do I need?

You may have noticed from the photo that I dont have leather for my bench. Again this came down to cost so I have a piece of that oilcloth you use as a table cover. It even has a lovely subtle pattern and goes well with my cream walls so Im happy. All in all the room in 8 foot x 8 foot. Not huge but I dont have to share it and I dont have to pack everything away so what would I do with the space if it was any bigger?

I have already started working on a little piece (you can see it on the bench peg) and will have photos of that tomorrow when I have it finished off. Seen as its the first time in 6 years I have picked up my saw and tools Im happy with how its come out. So come back tomorrow and see what Ive done.

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