Sunday, January 5, 2014

Loads of Copper

Starting out
So Much Copper Wire

I was given a length of wire by an electrician recently that was of no use anymore so that I could strip the copper out of it. Its about 1.5 metres long and has about 30-40 strands on copper inside measuring about 0.5mm. Its taken me all day already just to get some of the rubber coating off as its an outdoor cable so is heavily insulated. When Im done Im going to end up with more copper than I will know what to do with which means loads of experiments. (I honestly have no idea what Im going to do with it but you dont say no to free copper wire).


  1. Replies
    1. Its great I cant believe most electricians just throw it away when its too short for them to work with Im never buying copper wire again I think haha

  2. We recently built a house for my parents on our property. The electrician has been giving me his scraps too! Yay for me! hubby has been in charge of removing the outer casing. He has found that putting the open end into his vise has made it much easier to pull that outer shell off. Hope this helps! Have fun with your copper! It's my favorite!

    Angi Mullis

    1. Ive finished it all today but thats a good idea to remember for next time (which Im hoping there will be haha) I did find that scoring the rubber casing with a skill knife and then using a pliers to open along worked well Im just glad Im done with it now. Coppers my favourite metal so Im going to have fun! Thanks for the suggestions!


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