Thursday, January 9, 2014

Workshop Update

And Yes That's Batman on The Shelf

I spent today cleaning the workshop a bit more. I'm trying to find the best places to store everything so its easier to find things when I need them. Up until today I just had a load of big boxes on the shelves but today I got a lot sorted. I even found loads of things I didn't know I had. My workshop combines both metal work and beads so storage is a huge issue for all the tools and supplies. Thankfully my dad built me loads of shelves which have very quickly filled up.


  1. This is my favorite option as well, Siobhan... open shelving and lots of clear containers. I find it really cuts down on wasted time opening and closing units; more precious minutes to spend creating. I like some labels but only very general (by colour/metal type/media, etc.) It feels great to accomplish the "housekeeping" tasks, doesn't it? :)

    1. Its so easy to find things now its fantastic! and I cant wait until its completely done ive about half the workshop completely organised but tomorrow is a making day I think just want to make something now haha


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