Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lord of The Rings Ring

When I was first training as a silversmith one of the things we were taught was to cast using the lost wax method. Our instructor had made a replica of the ring from "The Lord Of The Rings" as a present for someone so he used this to create the mold and show us how to cast.

I trained years ago and had always thought I had left it in the class in my desk when I left until yesterday when I was cleaning my workshop and found it in a little box with loads of old notes. It was still in the same state it had been in as soon as it was removed from the casting so this gave me a great excuse to use some of my new tools Ive been collecting up and see how I would get on cleaning it up. This is a job I did a lot when I was doing work experience in a jewellery workshop and Im happy to say Ive not done too badly. As the engraving was cast onto the ring I was a little afraid to sand and file too much away from the surface so there are still a few marks that I would rather have gone but all in all its not too bad.

Below are the before and after pictures.

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous, Siobhan! I'm not a LOTR fangirl, but it is just stunning. Congrats on finding and finishing it.


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