Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beaded Loom Band Bracelet: How to

This is my tutorial showing you how to add beads into a Loom Bands bracelet.

What You Need:

  • Loom Bands (50-60)
  • Colourful Wooden Beads (with a big enough hole to pass a band through)
  • An S clip
  • A Loom
  • A Loom Hook

Pass a loom band through each of the beads keeping the bead in the middle of the band.

Start by adding your first band to the loom making sure you twist it in the middle. 

Add the second band straight onto the loom above the twisted band.

Add the third band straight onto the loom.

Using the loom hook bring the bottom band over the loom pegs and into the middle.

Add another band straight onto the loom.

Continue the bracelet along for a few more bands before you start to add the beads.

Add the first beaded band onto the loom just the same as you would any other band.

Continue along with just a plain few bands after the bead. (I use three bands between beads it gives just enough space).

Keep going until you have reached the length you need. Finish the bracelet by adding an S clip to the end. Enjoy wearing your new bracelet. 

Click here to see the video version of this tutorial.

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