Monday, February 4, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party Participants

So the full list of all Bead Soup Blog Party participants has gone up and it is huge! My goal is to visit all of the blogs which is a huge task but I reckon I can get it done and will hopefully find some great new blogs to follow. And hopefully this means I will be getting some new blog followers as well.

If your visiting from a blog taking part leave me a comment below to let me know you've stopped by!!

Click on the banner above to see the full list of blogs taking part.


  1. This is my first BSBP as well. Looking forward to seeing what you create. Thanks for stopping by my blog :).

  2. Hi! I'm a first time participant too! I see that you have been quite active around here.

    This party is a great way to swap beads and meet other jewellery designer from around the world.

    I am from Portugal and I've started blogging about my creations last November. I love every kind of jewellery and that can be challenging. "Too many beads, so little time".

    I'll hop over here to see what you've made.

    Have fun!
    Ana Cravidao

  3. Doing the next Bead Soup Blog Party 7. I like your idea of visiting each blog. So, you're the first one for me!

    1. I think it will take a lot longer than I thought but I will visit all of the blogs its nice to see what styles everyone works in they are all so different

  4. Thanks so much for dropping by the blog and leaving a comment, I am in the second reveal I shall get round to as many blogs as I can and will be visiting yours, looking forward to seeing what you create!


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