Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting Close To 1000

So I promised a tutorial or something to celebrate having 1000 hits on the blog. I am only 2 hits away now so I'm going to upload it as soon as the counter hits 1000!! Thank you to everyone who has been visiting and subscribing. The blog has been alot more popular than I thought so early on! I started this blog on January 1st which is just over 6 weeks ago so it couldn't be going any better right now. And I have been getting great comments from everyone as well so thank you for taking the time to leave a message.

I am also on Twitter now so just click here to follow me!

And of course happy Valentines Day!!


  1. Hope you had a good Valentine's! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and welcome to Lori's BSBP :-)

  2. Well you're a lot more than 1000 hits now! Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day with lots of love and chocolate. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have fun with BSBP!


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