Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm In 2 Magazines This Month!

I sent away a picture and a small email to Making Jewellery Magazine in October and quickly heard back that I would be printed in the March issue! I was so happy and it seemed so far away I could hardly wait. I knew the day the magazine was due out and was at the shop to get it immediately. I have never sent anything into a magazine before so I was really happy that the first time I did it was printed.

The necklace was a piece I had made last summer out of glass pearls and silver plated chain. I then saw an issue of Making Jewellery magazine from September / October and their featured tutorial was very like the piece I had made and I thought I would share the picture and story with them.

Making Jewellery Magazine, March 2013

You may have seen in other posts on the blog that  made some Byzantine bracelets for my family at Christmas in a few different colours. I decided to send in a picture of one to Beads & Beyond Magazine at the start of the year and I didn't hear anything so I completely forgot about it. 

Yesterday I went to the shop and bought some magazines and didn't really look through them until I got home. I was sitting there just flicking through the pages and right there on the readers page was my bracelet and a lovely note from the magazine about it! I then see that I'm being sent a voucher from Beads Unlimited! I was so happy to see my jewellery in print but now I can't wait to buy new things and Beads Unlimited have a great range! I will let you all know what I get when I've ordered it! 

Beads & Beyond Magazine, March 2013


  1. Oh, wonderful! Congratulations! Your pieces are lovely. :)

  2. Congratulations, you must be really proud! two beautiful pieces indeed


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