Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Bead Soup Partner

So last night I got the email from Lori with the name of who I am partnered with for the Bead Soup Blog Party and I want to introduce you to Natascha Marty

Natascha's jewellery is beautiful and made using lovely gemstones. You can find her facebook page here with more of her work. 

I can't wait to send her the pack of beads I have put together on Monday and see what she can make with them! 


  1. Hello new friend...I'm in the Bead Soup Blog Party too ~

    1. Hi April I cant wait to see what everyone reveals!!

  2. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been working really hard on getting it up and running~ Just when I think I have it the way I want it, I see something on someone else's blog that I want to add to mine. Look forward to hopping around to everyones blog on reveal days!


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